Monday, March 8, 2010

Reporting services viewer control "Error loading resource library. (0x8007007E)" and "Unable to load client print control"

In one of my current project my team was facing problem in Reporting services viewer control. Some clients were getting "Unable to load client print control" and some were getting "Error loading resource library. (0x8007007E) and in some situation it was working perfectly alright. Based on individual cases we have resolved these issues by following instruction from the following links...

Error loading resource library. (0x8007007E)

Report Control SSRS "unable to load client print control"


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  1. A few fixes found. Try the one that works or perhaps all:

    1. Unregister the rsclientprint.dll

    Type "regsvr32 rsclientprint.dll /u" in a cmd prompt

    2. Delete all of the RSClientPrint*.* files in
    \\machine name\c$\WINDOWS\system32

    3. Update the dll for IE.

    Unregister RSClientPrint.dll
    Open Internet Explorer
    Got to Tool - > Internet Options
    Click on ‘Programs’ tab
    Click on ‘Manage add-ons’
    Select and Delete the ‘RSClientPrint Class’ ActiveX Control
    Select ‘Security’ tab
    Select ‘Intranet Zone’ and click on ‘Custom Level’
    Enable ‘Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls’
    Select ‘Prompt’ for ‘Download signed ActiveXcontrols’ and ‘Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins’
    Restart the Internet Explorer
    Try to print the report, this time it will prompt you to run the ActiveX controls and plug-ins
    Click 'Yes'

    4. Close MS Internet Explorer
    * Erase all content of C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\ directory
    * Open MSIE and navigate to report you want to print
    * Click the Print button - you'll be asked to install ActiveX printing component.
    * Confirm the installation
    * Confirm the error message
    * Copy all RSClientPrint*.rll files from C:\Windows\ to C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files* Try to print the report again

    Hope this works